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Tighter Paywalls and More Audio - Issue #85

Lots of cool info on the subscription economy this week.
Tighter Paywalls and More Audio - Issue #85
By Xavier van Leeuwe • Issue #85 • View online
Lots of cool info on the subscription economy this week.

90,000 Monthly Subscribers for Netflix Bikes
Swap is on-trend: in cities there is a growing shift away from owning cars and bicycles, and instead hiring them when required. Known to transport wonks as “mobility as a service” – or MaaS – this trend includes Zipcar-style car sharing and hopping on bike-share city bikes. Swap’s version is BaaS – “bicycles as a service.”
For all non-Dutch readers. “Baas” is street language for people are killing it!
How Big Should Podcasting Be?
Slow down before you go down
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Xavier van Leeuwe

I transform businesses by forging high performance teams. I connect the world of suits to the creative world of sneakers, pioneering digital renovations that prosperously produced tens of millions in bottom line increases.

Heading an eight figure operation, I love to pass on beauty. I now nourish independent journalism with sound financials. I start by enhancing leadership at the top, producing more leaders in those teams so we become an organization of giants. This positive flywheel of high performance teams lasts for years. I am proud of having mentored hundreds of individuals on the path to reach their full potential, passing on hard-earned learnings in my own life. Personal attention creates a work environment that enables everyone to participate and thrive. This reduces inequalities, my favorite sustainable development goal.

I have a bias towards action and am driven to discover deeper principles, map new territories and pioneer new ways of working. I have piloted a multitude of projects in sales, data, customer experience, agile teams, service design and lean processes. I enjoy guiding teams in the hundreds in these domains.

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