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Xavier´s Newsletter - Issue No. 4

It´s Friday. Again some great, great articles in the links for you.  Have an awesome week!
Xavier´s Newsletter - Issue No. 4
By Xavier van Leeuwe • Issue #4 • View online
It´s Friday. Again some great, great articles in the links for you. 
Have an awesome week!

Big Data And Other Trends In 2016
Or Is Big Data Out?
Contrary to Amy Webb, the people at Gartner are beyond big data and have dropped the phrase off the 2015 Gartner Hype Cylce entirely. Analytics at Gartner explained that big data had become mainstream, so it no longer had to be tracked on their life cycle of emerging technology. 
And what does this maturity of data mean for the media industry? I think that data for the sake of data is no longer enough. Numbers need to be tied to a relevant metric to be meaningful. Do not expect to hear from me: “we need more data!” but more: “what goal do we accomplish with this data?”.

“We In Chocolate Haven’t Historically Collected Much Data”
The Citizen Experience
Governments - both national and local - also embrace data technology to improve the ‘citizen experience’. They can create frictionless transactions, improve governmental performance and bring data-driven decisions to frontline employees, as Bart-Luc Oldehanter pointed out to me.
The best example of a smart government might be that of Estonia, named the decade’s best e-Government by the United Nations. Every interaction with, and within, the Estonian government happens digitally and Estonians have complete control over their own data. In addition parliament is going paperless, laws are signed electronically and businesses operate completely electronically; paying your taxes is supposedly radically simplified because all services are interlinked.
In The Netherlands the national government aims to work completely digital by 2017, from getting in touch with the government to paying taxes.
The Dubai Authorities are working hard on transforming their government into a smart government. Check out this presentation from Dubai. They see mobile as the main delivery channel and created a government app store (seriously) with a multitude of services.

Awesome Crash Course in Psychologial Pricing
All the dillemas are there. Euro sign or not? Rounded numbers or .99?
New to me was the “Rule of 100.” When your price is under €100, use a percentage discount (25% off). When your price is over €100, use an absolute value (€25 off). This way the discount will always look bigger numerically so people feel they’re getting a better deal. Consider a €50 blender. Which discount seems like a better deal: 20% off vs. €10 off? 

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Stuff I´ve Been Reading On Subscriptions
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