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Xavier´s Newsletter: No. 1

Oops, I might have forgotten to ask permission to send you my newsletter. I added you to this list be
Xavier´s Newsletter: No. 1
By Xavier van Leeuwe • Issue #1 • View online
Oops, I might have forgotten to ask permission to send you my newsletter. I added you to this list because I feel we know each other well enough and you might be interested. Please don’t feel uneasy, if you unsubscribe.

Kids And The Digital Divide
Two reports on media behaviour by children: US and UK. What strikes me is that kids over 16 watch more tv than being online. Only the next generation (12 to 15) spends more time online. Why? They have more access to the internet at home. The sad news is that only 54% of kids in lower income families has access to a computer, compared to 92% of the kids with more affluent parents. Read more about this problematic gap here. 
Amazon Store For Photo Drones
Amazon built a store for photo drones. Includes a buying guide for hobbyists and pros . Link
Data And Customer Driven Marketers Perform Better
Nice insights from Forbes. Good report on data and customer driven marketing, ´for free’ if you give your personal data. Get it here.
Apple News Recommendations May Be Hyped
Customer experience: Tracy Clark from Reportory tested the recommendation engine by Apple News. She clicks the articles she likes and then checks if the algorythm is learning anything
O La La: French Clash Over Higher Tax On Digital
Heroic battle by pure digital player Mediapart who refuses to pay more value added tax (VAT) than a paper medium, just because they are digital. They are so right. In the meantime the French State claims over 4 million euros (article in French).
Instant Android
Facebook launched Instant Articles for Android so much faster than I thought. They keep amazing me at Facebook. Expect more on this subject in this newsletter since I am talking about this with my friends at in my spare time. They are experimenting with Instant Articles. For now I can tell you: it’s much harder to install this stuff than we expected.
So the Mouse House invested an extra 200 million in Vice, adding up to 400 million dollars. Guardian article explains Disney’s move. Prepare yourself for Vice tv channels in Europe in 2016. 
Native York Times
Although @sMandic has been doing this for years at WayneParkerKent, still interesting to see how incumbent NYT deals with native advertising. From the lastest Monday Note, great piece by Frédéric Filloux. 
Meanwhile In Washington ...
…The Post is headed in this direction, integrating editorial content to deliver a tailored ad experience.
Media And Tech Predictions For 2016
BBC: “Expect eyewitness pictures, videos and comments that will come from WhatsApp, rather than email or Twitter.” 
Mic:  “The homepage is not valuable as a precious obsession for publishers and brands. Because the more we focus on resourcing them, the less we focus on building out other experiences within native environments.” 
Daten Über Alles
If you’re into Data and Journalism (and into German), a kind of cool piece touching many relevant aspects of data journalism.
James Bond-ish Data Center In Norway
Norway’s Lefdal Mine sat empty for decades. Then its former CEO had an idea: why not use Norway’s cool climate and surplus hydropower to create a green data center below the ground? This clip includes cool skiing and animations that let you appreciate the incredible size of this data center. 
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