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Xavier's Newsletter: No. 2

I feel we know each other well enough to send you this newsletter. But please feel free to unsubscrib
Xavier's Newsletter: No. 2
By Xavier van Leeuwe • Issue #2 • View online
I feel we know each other well enough to send you this newsletter. But please feel free to unsubscribe below. 
Hope you have a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2016.

If you missed my previous issue, it is right here. 
Solving the marketing dilemma
In the early 1900s, Philadelphia merchant John Wanamaker famously quipped: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”
Today, data analytics should prevent us from spending money that does not truly drive sales. The trouble is that we marketers don´t allow ourselves enough time to do proper testing. To do one thing at a time. We tend to throw every weapon we have at the potential customer, and in the end are confused. What customer interaction truly drove this sale?
I know, testing sequentially takes up loads of time. And the board, the shareholder, your colleagues, your boss, they all want results now. And I really understand them. So  how do I like to solve this dilemma.
1. Get your team together and fill out The Action Priority Matrix
2. Do the quick wins first so you can show measurable results to your stakeholders
3. Ignore the small stuff (fill ins and hard slogs)
3. Allow yourself time for the major projects, and execute them properly and without interference from the small stuff
This usually prevents teams or individuals from trying everything at the same time. I prefer to have a ratio of 1 to 5. One big long term project that does not reap results immediately on five medium or short term projects.

54% of the world is offline, mobile is the future
Although growing pretty fast, the internet is still non-existent for over half of the world´s population. 
Dizzying to imagine the potential of the other half. What will this mean for emancipation and education, if the other half of humanity reaches the internet? 
Now what makes the internet grow? Guess what. Mainky mobile subscriptions, the orange and green lines below.
More great stats by the United Nations’ ITU in their 2015 connected society report. If you are interested in mobile, please read this great piece below.

16 theses on mobile that really got me thinking
I agree with Ben Evans on most of his 16 theses. The smartphone is the new sun. And we should stop talking about ‘mobile’ and ‘desktop’. It’s like talking about colour TV and black and white. 
I love thesis No. 12 Internet of Things:  “our grandparents could have told you how many electric motors they owned - there was one in the car, one in the fridge and so on, and they owned maybe a dozen. In the same way, we know roughly how many devices we own with a network connection, and, again, our children won’t. Many of those uses cases will seem silly to us, just as our grandparents would laugh at the idea of a button to lower a car window, but the sheer range and cheapness of sensors and components, mostly coming out of the smartphone supply chain, will make them ubiquitous and invisible - we’ll forget about them just as we’ve forgotten about electric motors.”
I am not sure I agree that mobile is the future of productivity (thesis No. 4). Apart from the small screen, your fingers are simply faster on a keyboard.

Old media empire reboots for the digital age
A great article on radical digital transformation at the German (and old) media empire Axel Springer, courtesy @rien10. Most relevant sentence for me: ‘Digital activities now generate more than 60 percent of Axel Springer’s revenues and just over 70 percent of its operating profit.’ Link
Some innovative stuff for journalists
News Drones: Risks And Rewards
Some innovative stuff on subscriptions
Sick of subscribing to different on-demand streaming services for music, movies, books and games? Playster just may be what you need. The service just launched in the US last week and lets you subscribe to all those things a-la-cart or bundled together for $21.95/month. First month is for free. 
Love Broadway shows but can’t make it to the Big Apple? For $14.99/month, subscribers to Broadway Home can access more than 100 pre-recorded shows. 
YouTube is poised to take on Netflix and Hulu as it seeks to grow its presence on the streaming market (sorry with paywall on WSJ except for @almarlatour) after the launch of Red, an ad-free premium version. Rumor has it that the company is meeting with Hollywood production folks in order to begin offering original content.  
Dissatisfied Apple Watch users workers
Interesting research that focuses on what Apple Watch is not doing right (very little). Complaining comes mostly from tech werkers by the way. Check the research outcome out here.
More insights
Personalized text messages: The new push notification
Inside Google’s plan to speed up the mobile Web
Power to the millennials
Thanks for reading! I will be out of the office next week. The next newsletter will reach you in 2016.
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Xavier van Leeuwe

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